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Meet Polly

 Polly is the Arcaria stress-buster.

She was hatched indoors from an egg collected from our garden pond last August (2014) and we find her very relaxing to watch -  she is a good listener too!

If your day becomes a bit hectic you might like to 'tune in' and watch her for a while too. It really works.

By the way, Rusty (Company Cat) likes to sit between the camera and Polly and watch her. She doesn't mind and he doesn't bear her any ill-will but, if he is there, you might only see a close up of ginger fur! We do clear him out when we spot him but he is a cat ... sneaky!

(Technical point: This is a live html5 stream, some browser/flash combinations might take a few seconds to load properly)

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Polly's Adventures

Polly will be visiting different places and celebrating various festivals as the year goes on. So look in on her from time to time to see if anything has changed.

 Polly bids adieu to her housemates!

Polly's remaining three Rudd housemates have now been relocated to our outside pond. Each of them was longer than her and they were all much too boisterous for a sedate goldfish to put up with.

They are very happy now in the pond with their parents and Polly doesn't seem to miss them a bit!



Scamproof your savings

Scammers are after your pension pot! They will try to lure you with promises of one-off investments, pension loans or upfront cash. Most of these are bogus.

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10 Rules for Successful Investment

Successful long-term investment is not just about buying low and selling high - although that is always a good principle to bear in mind.

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Pension Death Benefits

Clients hoping to leave a flexible legacy to family members from their pension need to check that they have everything in place to make that happen. Trying (your executors) to achieve this after your death may be impossible if you were stuck in a pension scheme which doesn't offer the new freedoms, or with an outdated death benefit nomination.

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