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Shareholder or Partnership Protection

We provide shareholder protection insurance advice to business in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and throughout East Anglia. We also provide the necessary trusts and option agreements for no extra charge.

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A properly arranged Shareholder Protection strategy can answer two important questions:

1. Who will I be in business with if my partner or co-director dies?

2. How will my dependents get my share of the value of the business if I die?

How does it work?

Shareholder, or Partnership, protection provides a lump sum for the firm should a Director, Shareholder or Partner die suddenly or suffer from a critical illness.

The lump sum benefit will enable the remaining owners to buy out the critically ill or deceased colleague's share of the business. As a surviving business owner this means that you will not have unknown outsiders coming into the business from the deceased persons family (or other relations) simply because you cannot buy them out. Just imagine it!

Your own dependents are protected too. Having this cover means that your family will not be denied the value of your portion of the business to support them until the business can, or decides to, afford it.

In short it protects everyone, both the business and the families of Directors or Partners.

As Independent Financial Advisers we will help you find the plan that best meets your requirements and also recommend appropriate trust and option agreements to make it work properly.

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Shareholder Protection

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