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Income Protection Insurance

We provide independent income protection insurance advice to clients in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and throughout East Anglia. We also advise on and recommend executive income protection for businesses.

Why income protection?

Imagine being unable to work because of sickness or accidental injury.

A couple of days off work, even a couple of weeks, might not make a huge difference to your finances. But what if your condition was more serious and you were absent for a prolonged period? Money worries could soon add to your troubles.

Even if your employer provides sick pay, it is unlikely to last for longer than twelve months. For most people, employer and State benefits are simply not enough to keep them financially afloat when illness or accident strikes.

  • What happens when your employer benefits cease?
  • How would you cope on State benefits?
  • What would happen to your future plans?

If that’s not bad enough ...

  • what if you are self-employed? … No State benefits for you for a long time!

If you owned a machine that produced your monthly income, the chances are you would insure it against breakdown. It doesn't take much imagination to realise that you are that machine!


Don't leave it to chance! ""

For most people, income protection is essential.

As Independent Financial Advisors we can help you find the plan that best meets your needs, and fits in with your overall protection strategy.

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ADEQUATE PROTECTIONUpside down worldFor when your world is turned upside-down

Unexpected events can have a devastating effect on you and your family and may lead to many, if not all, of your dreams crashing to the ground.

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