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A refreshingly clear approach to your financial planning

Our Advice Process

We approach all aspects of your financial planning in a structured and methodical way. This begins with the introduction to our advice process at our first meeting and continues through our investment processes and indeed everything else that we do.

Six Logical Steps

advice process diagram
Stage 1 Introductory Meeting

This meeting is at our expense and with no obligation. We will explain who we are and how we work. We will then focus on your goals and priorities and explore how we might be able to help you.

If we feel that we can help you we will tell you the cost of doing the work. You then have to decide whether or not you want our help. We will discuss things with you fully and frankly so that you can make the right decision. You will NOT be pressurised in any way. If you do not want our help we still wish to leave you feeling that the meeting was of value.

Stage 2 Discovery Meeting

Through listening and asking questions, we will build up a detailed profile of your current financial situation. This will include everything from liabilities, assets, existing financial commitments and policies, to your specific goals. We will also use a questionnaire followed by a detailed discussion to determine your attitude to investment risk, including how you feel about potentially losing money over different time periods.

It is important to note that there is no clock ‘ticking’ in the background with this or subsequent meetings. It is important that you should fully understand what is being discussed.

Stage 3 Analysis

Once we have a clear picture of your situation and your attitude to investment risk and the risks of daily living we will then be able to see how well your current situation matches with your aspirations and needs and identify any shortfalls.

Stage 4 Report and Recommendations

We then take the results from our analysis and, taking into account your attitudes and feelings, we create a report detailing our recommendations for action and present it to you personally. Firstly we will try to identify where you can save money and then recommend a strategy to put you on track to achieve your objectives.

Stage 5 Implementation

Nothing will change unless you make it happen! However, you are now at a distinct advantage because you will now have a thorough understanding of your financial situation and know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. We would normally implement our recommendations for our clients as part of our service. However, if you wish to do this yourself as part of a transactional arrangement we will be happy to accommodate you.

Stage 6 Regular Reviews

Changes in the law and economy will impact on your plan as will changes in your own personal and financial circumstances. For this reason we recommend that you should regularly review things. We provide a number of review services to suit a range of circumstances and requirements. We are also happy to provide a bespoke service if you have particular needs.

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