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A refreshingly clear approach to your financial planning

Our Fees

Our aim is to provide you with a ‘crystal-clear’ charging structure so that you can see what you get for your money and can have the confidence that naturally comes with transparency. We would like you to remain with us for many years, and we trust that our personal service and clear charging will make you feel the same way.

We keep our fees low by the extensive use of the best current technology, but always with our very personal service. We charge an hourly rate for initial investment advice, or other 'ad hoc' advice, and by percentage for ongoing investment advice. The fee is always confirmed in writing before we carry out any chargeable work. We have tried to keep it all clear and simple.

Initial Investment Advice

We charge £160 per hour for our initial recommendations and an additional £125 per plan to implement it.

We are happy to agree fixed fees where the scope of the work is clear. We agree the actual fee with you prior to the commencement of any work. If the work turns out to be more complex than initially indicated, or you change the scope of the work and more time is required, we may need to increase our fees. In these circumstances we would advice you of our reasons in writing and discuss them with you before continuing.

On-going Reviews

Our review services are similarly transparent and straightforward.

We charge 0.68% per annum of the investments under our advice with a minimum charge for the two services we offer.

We offer two levels of on-going service designed to cater for differing needs.

  1. Investment Review Service: 0.68% of the investments under advice per annum with a minimum annual fee of £1,140. You may pay this fee monthly interest free. You may pay directly or via the investment company(ies).
  2. Wealth Management Service: 0.68% of the investments under advice per annum with a minimum annual fee of £3,000. You may pay this fee monthly interest free.You may pay directly or via the investment company(ies).

Our on-going advice fees are capped at £20,000 per annum for investments under advice.

Ad-Hoc Advice

For advice that falls outside of the scope of the above we would again charge on the basis of our hourly rate of £160 (calculated in 15 min segments).  For example, if you needed a report on your current pension position which we felt would take us 8 hours in total we would charge you a fixed fee of £1,280. We are happy to agree fixed fees for our work where the scope is clear.


Generally speaking, we receive commissions for setting up insurances and we will always disclose these to you in full. However, if you wish to engage us on a fee basis we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Equity Release

We charge a combination of fee and commission for these services. Please see our Equity Release client agreement for full details.


Our fees are currently all VAT free. This is because most of our business relates to the implementation or alteration of regulated financial products. VAT may become payable if our business mix were to significantly change or if HMRC were to change the rules!

You may download copies of all our full Client Agreements from our ‘Clients’ area.

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