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A refreshingly clear approach to your financial planning

Your Aims & Objectives

Are you looking for a realistic ‘down to earth’ approach to achieving what you want out of life? If so, then Arcaria can help through our approach to Financial Planning.

The Ultimate Aim? - Financial Independence

We believe the ultimate objective of all of us is to reach a point in time when we become financially independent.

We define this as

  • The point in time when you have sufficient capital and assets working for you, that work is optional and your life-style is still affordable.

In other words – you can choose to work if you want to but there is no financial necessity to do so.

Your Personal Objectives

""‘Knowing what we want’ is not as easy to define as it sounds. In order to plan to make something happen we have to be able to define it first. In other words, we have to have a clear target to aim for.

Sounds easy, but although most people ‘know’ what they want, they tend to find it difficult to explain. By getting to know you as an individual and discussing these things in depth (we call this ‘thoughtful enquiry’) we will help you to define your objectives clearly.

We approach this in a completely non-judgemental way. These are your aims and objectives not ours, but to count as financial objectives that we can aim for they must be:

  • Specific
  • Challenging
  • Appropriate and
  • Realistic

We will help you to define your aims, your dreams and desires, and your financial needs, and work out whether they are realistic or not – and tell you.

We will then thoroughly review your current position and make recommendations that you can afford to get all areas of your finances working in proper balance. Our review services will then help you to stay on track.

Call us for an initial friendly chat, and remember our version of a well-known saying

Procrastination is the thief of dreams!

Box 1 Aims and objectives

Your financial crossroads

""Beginning to plan for the future is like being at a financial crossroads, unsure of which route to take. Our role is to recommend the right road and then travel with you over the years, helping you to further develop your key aims and objectives and, most importantly, achieve them.

Financial Planning De-mystified

Family 2We like to put things as simply as we can. Financial Planning is a way of working with you where we see you as a whole person in the context of your family and your dreams for them. It is an ongoing and evolving process.

We will work together with you over the longer term, looking at all aspects of your finances, to help you to achieve your life aspirations and dreams. This is a truly consultative process.

  • Clear Understandable Advice
  • Professional and Friendly Service
  • Fair and Transparent

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